Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama's Airness Doctrine

As soon as the Obama juggernaut began to transition away from the campaign mode and into governing, the slobbering Obie media began humming with talk of the great pragmatism of The Politician Formerly Known as The One. Getting down to the nuts and bolts of cabinet selection and legislative enactment was expected to have a grounding effect. It seemed unlikely we would be treated to the grandiose claims of Barry’s loftiest campaign hyperbole:
“this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”,
Well, maybe not.
In an interview with Lisa P. Jackson, Obama’s new E.P.A. administrator, she suggested that the agency
is expected to act for the first time to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that scientists blame for the warming of the planet.
Not quite prepared to tackle the oceans, the Obamalibs are nonetheless quite ready to provide us with some inhalation therapy.

Ben LaBolt, described as a White House Spokesman (and not a French superhero) added ominously:
If the environmental agency determines that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant to be regulated under the Clean Air Act, it would set off one of the most extensive regulatory rule makings in history.
Someone should alert the plants and trees that inhale carbon dioxide just as we homo sapiens take up oxygen.
No word in this report concerning the new Administration’s position on that other, as yet non-controversial, gaseous potential pollutant: Oxygen. If the New Democrats in charge decide to commence regulating the oxygen supply, look for the emphasis to focus on red states. This is surely only the beginning of Obama’s Airness Doctrine.

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