Friday, July 24, 2009

Rogue Scholars Slander Police Officer

Slander: “a false, malicious statement (spoken or published), especially one which is injurious to a person's reputation; the making of such a statement; to utter a slanderous statement.”
An unlikely pair of rogue scholars seems to have engaged in the slander of Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sergeant James Crowley. Reporters from the multi-culti media echo the sentiments expressed by Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates while referring to him in their reports as a “black scholar.” With similar credentials from the same diversity-oriented, Affirmative Action supportive universities, President Barack Obama apparently should be viewed as a scholar as well.
Scholar Obama claims that the officers involved in the Gates case, who were led by Crowley,
“acted stupidly.” "I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry….and there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."
Well, I, for one, wouldn’t be angry with a police officer attempting to assist the investigation of a potential break-in at my domicile. There goes the “any of us” argument. I believe the correct response would be gratitude.
Gates’s reaction, perhaps due to the greater depth of his scholarship, is more incendiary than Obama’s:
“He said the incident made him realize how vulnerable poor people and minorities are"to capricious forces like a rogue policeman, and this man clearly was a rogue policeman."
Anyone who has read the police report describing Gates’s self-inflicted confrontation will come to a different conclusion.
Now that some background information about Crowley is coming out, it appears that the typical race-card smearing that entails any confrontation between black community activists and authority figures will be difficult to bring to fruition, even for experienced race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Scholar Gates and his mouthpiece, Charles Ogletree-yet another Harvard “scholar.”
Professor Ogletree is the Jesse Climenko Professor of Law at Harvard, and perhaps the leading American proponent of slave reparations He taught both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard and was disciplined for plagiarism in 2004. Here are a few of Scholar Ogletree’s publications, just to give you a sense of the impartiality he brings his client’s case:
From Lynch Mobs to the Killing State: Race and the Death Penalty in America (ed. with Austin Sarat, New York University Press 2006)
Beyond the Rodney King Story: An Investigation of Police Conduct in Minority Communities, (ed. with others, Northeastern University Press Boston, Massachusetts 1995)
"The Current Reparations Debate," 5 University of California Davis Law Review 36 (2003).
Why Has the G.O.P. Kept Blacks Off Federal Courts?" New York Times, August 18, 2000, Op-Ed. (ibid)
You get the idea. And now the withering attention of all of these scholars is focused on James Crowley.
Sergeant Crowley, from all reports available at the time of publication, appears to be a model police officer. Crowley, in fact, was chosen to teach fellow officers how to avoid profiling:
“Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley has taught a class about racial profiling for five years at the Lowell Police Academy after being hand-picked for the job by former police Commissioner Ronny Watson, who is black, said Academy Director Thomas Fleming…Fellow officers, black and white, say Crowley is well-liked and respected on the force. Crowley was a campus police officer at Brandeis University in July 1993 when he administered CPR trying to save the life of former Boston Celtics player Reggie Lewis. Lewis, who was black, collapsed and died during an off-season workout.
Crowley’s union stands firmly behind him as he refuses to apologize for his actions:
“Crowley’s police union issued a statement saying it had reviewed the arrest of Gates and expressed “full and unqualified support’’ for his actions.
“Sergeant Crowley is a highly respected veteran supervisor with a distinguished record in the Cambridge Police Department,’’ said the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association. “His actions at the scene of this matter were consistent with his training, with the informed policies and practices of the Department, and with applicable legal standards.’’
From all appearances, the remarks the rogue scholars involved in this fiasco clearly meet the definition of slander. The statements are false and malicious and intended to injure the reputation of Sergeant Crowley, the Cambridge Police Department and American police officers across the country. The appropriate response is a civil action against Scholar Gates, Scholar Obama and any other community activists who choose to promote their diversity agenda at the expense of those who risk their lives providing Americans with protection from the real rogue elements in society.

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