Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Charlie Rangel in Congress

1.) It's a tradition. Congress-crooks have been fleecing this Harlem district since Adam Clayton Powell Jr.,_Jr. won the seat in 1945.

2.) To protect the gullible constituents of New York District 15 from electing the risible Adam Clayton Powell IV , continuing the tradition cited above.

3.) To keep our young men on their toes worrying about Crazy Charlie's efforts to reinstate compulsory military service for Americans.
Charlie Rangel has single-handedly saved or created scores of investigative jobs for forensic attorneys, forensic accountants and forensic journalists, all employed to ferret out where the Sly Fox of Harlem stashed his ill-gotten loot. Charlie is no William Jefferson (Convicted Democrat, Louisiana) satisfied leaving his greenbacks cooling in the freezer.
4.)If Rangel retires, Congress will lose one of the last protege's of arch-Congressman Dan Rostenkowski (Convicted Democrat, Chicago) who taught Charming Charles a thing or two about the House's Ways and Means while Rosty was Chairman and Charlie ranked 3rd on the committee roster. (See Rostenkowski chased down the street by angry seniors here.)
5.) Even though he is a bloviating, money-grubbing hack, Rangel remains the cream of the Congressional Black Caucus , which has come rushing to Poor Chairman Charlie's aid.
6.) One would be hard pressed to find a sorrier collection of shills, demagogues and grandstanders than this group led by the insufferable Sheila Jackson-Lee, Bobby Rush, and Maxine Waters.

7.) Congressman Rangel remains a living, breathing reminder of Nancy Pelosi's role as Swamp Troll to the current Congress, determining who is allowed to stay in the slough she has enlarged rather than draining it as she had promised.
8.) We must stop the hemorrhaging of cartoonish ancient Democrats from the Congressional ranks. What began as a target-rich environment with the likes of Teddy “Floater” Kennedy, Jack “Abscam” Murtha, and Robert “Exalted Cyclops” Byrd is now in danger of flushing yet another morally challenged monument to the smoke-filled room style of Democrat politics.

9.) The loss of the Democrat's black elder statesman will further strip the race-card baiters of their last line of defense: “(Rangel's is a style, a method, a politics from an age when it was simply not done to ask uncomfortable questions of a black politician, lest that politician (and his supporters) retort that the questioning was racist. That protective smokescreen of “racism” was good to men like Rangel, allowing them to go about their merry ways blithely, and untroubled. It is harder to strike pouting, Manichean postures now, when a black man holds the highest office in the land. There can be no cheap and easy shaming of critics, no slick refuge in a narrative of racial oppression.” If the Democrats lose Rangel, what is to become of Jesse Jackson's pere et fils? Of Al Sharpton and his ilk?
10.) If we let Charlie Rangel off the hook with a simple resignation, we will never get the full story of exactly how large a fortune this humble servant of the people of Harlem has amassed through his skillful manipulation of Rostenkowski style Ways with whatever Means he saw necessary to promote his personal engrandizement.