Monday, March 23, 2009

Department of Defense Starts Ammo Control

If you need further proof that this current crop of liberal Democrats is the sneakiest we have seen, take a look at the latest Department of Defense position on once-fired brass. This term refers to spent ammunition casings that have historically been collected and sold at a premium to ammunition manufacturers.
The reuse of bullet casings is a thoroughly “green” process, recycling a valuable metal and eliminating the costly and potentially environmentally troublesome process of manufacturing new shell casings for ammunition. It is also economical, with the DOD collecting nearly $2.00 per pound of once-fired casings as opposed to a mere $0.35 per pound for demilled brass scrap .
So why have the bureaucrats at the Pentagon discontinued the sale of once-fired brass? According to Confederate Yankee , the DOD directive originated in the Obama administration and appears to be an end-run on the issue of gun-control. It really won’t matter that you have a gun if you can’t get ammunition for it.
Insightful gun-owners continue their long run on guns and ammo purchases in anticipation of anti-2nd amendment activity by the Oh Bambi’s. Sales are reported to have increased by 20% or more with some dealers hanging Obama’s photo in their displays hailed as “Salesman of the Year” .
Additional consequences of this politically correct directive that show no common sense include:
· directly caus(ing) the firing of workers at ammunition factories who cannot get the brass cases they relied upon as a key material
· purposefully undermin(ing) the reloaded ammunition market, and forc(ing) federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to buy top-of-the-line ammunition for training qualification, meaning either departments will have to get by with less training for their officers, or citizens will have to pay even more in taxes. (ibid Conf. Yankee)
I wonder if these eliminated jobs will count as “jobs lost” or simply “jobs not created?” Second Amendment proponents are just beginning to gin up a grass roots campaign to expose the perfidy of the Obambi’s regarding once fired brass. Apparently the B.O. administration failed to poll-test this issue as the best advice available on 2nd Amendment advocates is: “Don’t Tread on These Guys.”

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