Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Teleprompter

With a resume thinner than Joe Biden’s pubic-ly reinforced hairline, it has been demonstrated of late that the reason Barack Obama finally left his last real job was because, like Mortimer Snerd , he got too big for the guy’s lap.
Thank God for technology. Now we are regularly entertained by the unholy strains of the politically correct choir providing Obama’s policy pronouncements filtered through David Axelrod’s tinklings on the idiot board. Besides, Barry wouldn’t look quite so sleek and Presidential propped up on Axelrod’s lap.
Obama’s campaign manager has proven to be a brilliant manipulator in the mold of Colonel Tom Parker. When Parker was notified of the death of his most famous client, Elvis Presley, he chillingly stated: “This changes nothing!” At least Axelrod’s success effectively reduced the puling serial losers, Terry McAuliffe and Bob Shrum, to murmuring cameos as tinpot Democrat shills. Tweedledim and Tweedledumb. But the former Chicago newspaperman and Hitler doppelganger couldn’t possibly be the source of all the far-fetched, goofball leftist ideology flowing from the B.O. teleprompter.
Only an old-fashioned urban political Machine getting cash transfusions from mobsters and union goons and ideological support from avid students of Karl Marx could produce a cast of characters capable of providing the panoply of crack-pot Trotsky-isms pouring from the Obama autocue. It’s as though Chicago and our current Presidential administration survive in a time warp belched up from the days of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs during the rise of the American Communist Party in the 1950’s. None of these Obamacons would have escaped the intense scrutiny of Joe McCarthy and his pair of martinet point men: Bobby Kennedy and Roy Cohn. And today these two would be liberals.
Like Philip Alden Robinson’s Field of Dreams , Barack Hussein Obama’s Chicago provided the perfect setting to attract the sinister consortium of peace-at-any-price creeps , sanctimonious race-baiters , union weasels, windmill fetishists, pimps for Gaza , alternating warming and cooling alarmists, queer marriage touts, abortion and suicide-assistance mongers, and death-to-the-Western-Alliance hack diplomats necessary to start the pendulum swinging back Reagan-ward. Axelrod built it and here they come. Now if we can get them to come out from behind the teleprompter long enough, we can start swatting them back to their inverted ivory towers mired upside down in the amoral swamps of Chicagoland.

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