Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who was Cruising New York on Air Force One?

While Rahm Emmanuel and Obama’s Blue Angel wannabes would like New York Buzzgate to go away quietly, deeper background on White House scapegoat and Director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera, suggests the possibility that Obama donors might have been along for the ride that caused near panic and flight from Manhattan skyscrapers.
Described on the Washington Prowler as “a fixer in the classic sense of the term”, Caldera was selected by Bill Clinton to serve as Secretary of the Army and tasked with “ identifying ‘politically friendly’ military personnel who would be helpful to the Clintons, as well as interacting with VIPs from Hollywood and the defense industry to keep them happy.”
The assumption is that Rahm Emmanuel brought Caldera on board the B.O. administration to perform similar functions.
This despite Mr. Caldera’s somewhat controversial background that curdles when brought to light:
1.) Caldera served on the board of directors at IndyMac Bank prior to the lender becoming one of the first of the major banks to go belly-up in the sub-prime mortgage debacle.
2.) Caldera appears to have been selected as President of the University of New Mexico with some questionable assistance from Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico despite “almost 80 percent of the faculty of University of New Mexico vot(ing) against the hiring of Caldera (ibid).

White House press secretary Robert Gates insists the flight was a “training mission” that turned into a “picture mission” and that only Air Force personnel were onboard. But Gates and White House staffers continue to protest too much, according to the former Obama defense transition team member serving as the Prowler’s source:

"This is a bigger deal than the White House is letting on, and there are some nervous people there, and I'm not clear why."

Could Obama be using Air Force One for joyrides just as Bill Clinton used the Lincoln Bedroom to ply Democrat donors?

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