Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ironic Turn-About for Black-Eyed Peace Monger

Two months ago, garish gossipmonger Perez Hilton trashed Carrie Prejean for honestly responding to his gay marriage litmus test question at the Miss USA Contest To say Ms. Prejean and the beauty pageant got a black eye from all the media exposure would be putting it mildly.
Yesterday Hilton’s karma destiny was fulfilled. It seems the pudgy media bully who looks like the progeny of Charles Laughton and a cockatiel got mouthy with Fergie and a couple of Black-eyed Peas. Unlike Prejean and Lindsay Lohan,2933,301150,00.html the other feckless celebrities maligned by the withering blight of Hilton’s snarkish sniping, band member Will I Am and manager Polo got up in Mr. Gay Marriage’s facebook and one of the them allegedly popped his eye black. It was reported that charges have been filed in the case.
If you have a very strong stomach and don’t mind a little gratuitous, obscene name-calling mixed with a butt-load of self-pity and oodles of revulsive puling, try to watch the palaverous whiner’s diatribe here It’s really hard to watch this slow motion disheveled and slobbering train wreck, but if you will listen carefully you may get the impression that Mr. Hilton is advising the Obama administration on foreign policy. (“Violence is never the answer. EV-ER. No matter what anyone says, blood should never be drawn. Another person should never be hit.”)
Just goes to show what happens when a starry-eyed idealist confronts someone in the real world who doesn’t happen to share their interest in diplomacy.
Do you think we should set up a defense fund for the Peas?

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