Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chimp Attack Victim Seeks Damages

The tragic victim of Travis the Chimpanzee in Connecticut has served notice that she is suing both the state and the late chimp’s owner, Sandra Herold. The nightmarish scene at Herold’s Stamford home ended in Permanent Bedtime for Travis and the loss of the victim’s eyelids, hands, noses, lips and vision.

No amount of money could ever erase the horror of that unimaginably vicious attack. The victim is seeking $150 million from the state and $50 million from Herold, the chimp’s grieving owner, who may have plied the chimp with Xanax prior to his violent rampage.

Perhaps the state’s failure to prohibit Herold from keeping a potentially dangerous animal as a pet is grounds for the state’s liability. In any case, $200 million is not exactly chimp change.

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