Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Driving While Jihading?

How many scenes like this one are routinely shrugged off in police stations, newsrooms and at government agencies responsible for enforcing our immigration laws and providing our Homeland with security?
When the Rochester police attempted to stop Munir Mathana for driving erratically after being flagged down on South Plymouth Avenue:
“Police tried to stop Muthana but he did not stop and then struck the officer’s vehicle. A slow-speed pursuit ensued down various streets in southwest Rochester. Muthana’s Nissan Maxima hit a car at Jefferson Avenue and West Main Street.
He continued driving down Jefferson Avenue, hitting a second police vehicle driven by a K-9 sergeant at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Clifton Street…
Muthana is facing five counts of second-degree assault, DWI and reckless driving. He is accused of injuring six people. They are 21-year-old Dominick Nicholson, 20-year-old Tyrese Beard, 40-year-old James Pross, 50-year-old Debra Hollis, 25-year-old Luis Cruz and 49-year-old Diane Neil.”
The innocuous WHEC News-10 headline doesn’t begin to suggest anything other than a routine drunk driver:
“Rochester man pleads not guilty after Thursday police chase.”
But it seems that Munir Mathana might have a Nidal Hasan-sized chip on his shoulder:
“Then he started using swear words, cussing police and government. He said, "Ben Franklin was stupid. He should have made it so you *expletives* can't swerve the law. The Muslims will fix this country."
Sound familiar? We can concede the fact that Munir doesn’t appear to be the most articulate spokesman for Islam. However, six people are injured and the alleged perpetrator clumsily brandished his figural Soldier of Allah card when apprehended. It seems the local news agency wasn’t much interested in bringing the possible Islamic connection to their readers’ attention.
Oh, by the way:
“When bail was being set at $20,000, the prosecutor said that Muthana has ties to Yemen.”
Kind of makes you wonder if Mr. Mathana has been emailing Anwar Alwaki, spiritual guide and research associate of the Ft. Hood jihadist. Could someone at the immigration service, the FBI and Homeland Security take a look at this fellow? Perhaps we can add a charge of Driving While Jihading?

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