Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bush Transition-Not with a Whimper....

While George W. Bush, at least by all outward appearances, has done what he thought was best for America without concern for his personal legacy, the winding down of his second term provides a unique opportunity for a few signature moves. My modest proposal, developed with some laudable and hilarious input from the common wisdom circulating on the internet, is that President Bush resign as soon as possible. Making Dick Cheney POTUS, would be a master stroke, as the Vice President has served loyally and ably, perhaps the best V.P. of the last century. Concomitantly, Mr. Bush can nominate Condoleeza Rice for the Vice Presidency. While the tinfoil hat brigade would howl and the Daily Kos would likely go apoplectic, Mr. Cheney has a superb sense of humor and the hide of a rhinocerous: no danger of liberal barbs taking Cheney’s eye off the ball. President Cheney could then proceed to issue the well-deserved pardons to Scooter Libby, Ramos and Compean and any other suitable candidates. The relative merits of the pardons would probably go unnoticed in the firestorm of combustible newsprint emanating from the nation’s media regarding the opportunity provided to now President Cheney. Nobly and deferentially, Cheney can proceed to resign himself. In the face of liberal wrath, Dick Cheney can depart the Presidency with honor, thereby elevating Condoleeza Rice to serve as our first African American President. Point, set, match.

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