Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking for Positivity

The sun still came up this morning on a considerably bluer Indiana. The continued erosion of the once-proud tradition of Hoosier conservatism tumbled further down into the Bayh/Lugar/Carson left-handed rabbithole. Yet in the face all of the aridity and disillusionment, the one true conservative on the card demonstrated the popular appeal provided by the application of conservative principles. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels crushed his liberal opponent under the weight of effective deeds and gained another four years at our helm. It will undoubtedly be an interesting four years. Let’s hope that Joe “Gaffe-a-Minute” Biden will be allowed to hold theatre of the absurd press conferences. And perhaps Michelle Obama won’t be quite so reticent. I look for the Israelis to settle the Middle East hash in hurry-up fashion before Mr. Khalidi’s pal takes over on January 21. American Jews might have the luxury of voting to be politically correct, but Israelis are cold-eyed realists and surely they recognize that the level of support provided by an Obama administration will be minimal and at best far less than that provided by the Bush administration. Look for the Iranian nuclear situation to be brought to a thrilling conclusion yet this year. Hamas and Hezbollah will get a visceral and pointed response to any flare-ups they might initiate. Looks like the Palestinians picked a bad time to start digging kidnapping tunnels. And just to top it off, expect Obama’s hand-maidens in the failing antique media to call in their quid pro quo for facilitating his election: nothing less than a Paulsonesque bail-out of their struggling industry will be requested. While the New York Times can’t possibly survive in the current marketplace by providing value to its readers, surely Pinch and his ilk will ask to be kept afloat by those now in the position to be governmental benefactors. At least we won’t have Al Franken to kick around any more.

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