Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Democrats Play "Let's Pretend!"

Somebody alert the Guiness Book of Records: Over four days in Denver the Democrat party is engaging in the world’s largest ever game of Let’s Pretend. While the motley assemblage of nutroots attempts to “Re-create ’68,” the conventioneers are working on reenacting 1980 when Jimmy Carter successfully concealed his incompetence and Marxian megalomania long enough to sneak in for a term in the White House.
Together with their allies in the Downstream Media (formerly known as the Mainstream Media but they are so far downstream they are nearly over the falls!), the Dems pretend that this is truly The Age of Aquarius and all is love and harmony:
“The moon is in the 7th House And Jupiter aligns with MarsThen peace will guide the planetsAnd love will steer the stars.” Or Hope and Change anyway. Hillary and Bill pretend to support Obama. Michelle and Barack pretend they don’t want to stick knitting needles in the eyes of the Clintons. Joe Biden is busy pretending to write a speech, but is probably just cutting and pasting from some Dixie Chicks song. Evan Bayh is pretending to muster sufficient courage to feign umbrage over losing the Veep slot.
Nancy Pelosi is pretending to be Pope so hard that we may be in danger of a new Schism. Hotel clerks are pretending they can run their businesses more greenly, but they end up handing out tacky souvenirs instead. Howard Dean is pretending to have a clue.Everyone in Denver is pretending John Edwards doesn’t exist. And all the conventioneers are pretending not to drink or to hanker for a cheeseburger.The platform committee is pretending that the word abortion doesn’t exist. And that we can’t drill our way to cheaper gas prices, but we can negotiate our way to security with the likes of Mahmoud “Members Only” Ahmedinajad. Just take a look at his jackets.The Pantsuits brigade is pretending that Hillary is still in the running. Bill Richardson is pretending to go undercover with that goofy beard. Harry Reid is pretending to be happy about the whole thing and is working full time on developing a smile.In the spirit of comity, let’s go along with this spirit of play. We conservatives will pretend that Barack Obama is a qualified candidate for the office of POTUS. Let’s continue to pretend that the Democrats have a huge advantage this election cycle. And let’s pretend along with the Downstream Media that Obama is the favorite and can win this thing. Right up until Election Day just like in 2000 & 2004.

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