Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Suburban League

Out here in the hinterlands, or what is often described in the antique media as flyover country, men and women are newly energized by the vice presidential candidacy of Governor Sarah Palin. The term flyover country suggests a region to be overlooked or disregarded. This is precisely the approach taken by the solons of the New York/Washington power grid since about 1964.
Families in small towns and suburbs across our great nation have taken our lumps for several decades now as we continued to live our lives attempting to trudge the happy road of American destiny. We have put up with the liberal idiocy of school bussing, affirmative action and the elevation of the homosexual class to a protected one. We have suffered the indignation of our leaders turning a blind eye to a diluting wave of illegal immigrants bent on getting in on Lefty’s scam. All the while, Flyover Fred and his handsome wife Fern and their 2.5 kids have been accommodating. We have shrugged our shoulders as each new entitlement program provided new layers of benefits and opportunities for those we were willing to believe had been subject to discrimination or had been afforded less than equal treatment under the law. It didn’t matter to us that this supposed mistreatment had happened scores of years ago and was not something we, or anyone we were associated with, had initiated. Fair’s fair, we believed and we still believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Unthinkingly, and acting upon our faith in our fellow man and his willingness to follow that Golden Rule as well, we turned our schools and our media over to those expressing the compassion they claimed to feel for the underprivileged and downtrodden. For surely this was the right thing to do, being Christian and all.
For the flyover country and the hinterlands are peopled largely by fellow Christians and here we find kindness and understanding to be the general practice if not the rule. Little did we know that those leftists espousing compassion had a hidden agenda that runs diametrically opposite to the Golden Rule. And little did we realize that the agencies we allowed to develop would begin to actively seek the undermining of all that we believed in. For the compassionate left wasn’t satisfied with creating equal opportunities in America for those having a lesser lot in life. The agenda of the New American Left set its sites precisely upon destroying the institutions that were the foundation of our way of life. Those institutions included, but were not limited to: the Family, the Christian Church, the American Armed Forces and the American Free Enterprise system of laissez-faire capitalism.Mr. and Mrs. Flyover have been like Gulliver, lulled to sleep by the efforts of our journey, only to awaken and find ourselves tied down by an army of mean-spirited and sometimes comical miscreants. At every turn we now find an ACLU; a corrupted judicial system where the rights of the criminal exceed the rights of society, or a bloated bureaucracy filled with New Lilliputian Leftists wasting our tax dollars supporting programs and foreign governments with interests that are polar opposites to our own.For 40 years we have piped down. We have given the New Left and its client base every opportunity to modify our legal system and our society into that shining City on the Hill: where the rights imbued to us in the Declaration of Independence are realized and our great nation could erupt in an explosion of joy at the full realization of the American Dream.But the pendulum has swung fully to the zenith of its leftward arc. The fresh and lovely face of the Alaskan governor, along with her candor and her shared belief in the American values we have always held dear has sent the Leftist Lilliputians scurrying down the arm of the pendulum in a desperate attempt to keep the motion moving leftward. It is a vain and useless attempt. The American sleeping giant has awoken and is ready to regain its rightful place in determining the direction our great nation will pursue. We will no longer abandon the protection of our families, our faith and our tax dollars to pious frauds masquerading as agents of compassion. We will cling to our God and our guns and our belief that it takes a family to raise a child, not a village. Sarah Palin personifies that once-sleeping giant as she shares our faith, our goals and our vision of the American Dream. And just as she is fearless and natural in expressing her beliefs and her faith in America, so will we have faith and see through the illusions cast by the dying media and its leftist candidates in the attempt to shake our faith in someone so like us. And so right. Welcome to the Suburban League.

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