Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terrorist Math

While the Israelis are considering winding down “Operation Cast Lead” after administering considerable punishment to Hamas and its supporters in Gaza, the terror group’s political chief, Khaled Mashaal, while safely ensconced out of sight in Syria,
rejected Israeli conditions for a cease-fire and demanded an immediate opening of the besieged territory's borders."We will not accept Israel's conditions for a cease-fire," Mashaal told the summit. He said Hamas demands that "the aggression stop," Israeli troops withdraw and crossings into Gaza open immediately.( ( the Bizarro-world inhabited by the terrorists, it’s apparently kosher to make demands from a position of total weakness. The latest casualty count provided by Gazan health officials indicates that the Palestinians have suffered over 1100 killed, the majority of them militants. The Israelis, who are now supposed to accede to the demands of Mr. Meshaal, have lost 13 men. Who teaches the math in the Madrassas, Professor Irwin Corey? According to this Iranian math, once the Israeli losses move higher than 15, Meshaal will be able to declare victory.Of course Khaled Meshaal is a long way from the front lines in Gaza. As comedian Redd Foxx once remarked about his own less-than-distinguished military career:“I backed up so far in one battle that I almost backed into a general.”But then Meshaal has good reason to cower far from the battling crowd while barking his belligerent and blithering demands. Upwardly mobile terrorists in Israel’s Middle Eastern neighborhood have a tendency to attract incoming projectiles and considerable attention from the very skillful agents of the Mossad. While Meshaal was based in Jordan, Mossad agents snuck into Amman with Canadian passports and were able to slip deadly poison into the terrorist’s ear. Unfortunately the agents were apprehended and after some urgent diplomacy, the Israelis were prevailed upon to provide the antidote and the terrorist math-whiz was able to recover(
Rumor has it, Hassan Nasrullah, the leader of Hezbollah, suffered a similar poisoning early this year ( The fact that Nasrullah serves as the Tweedle-Jamal to Khaled Meshaal’s Tweedle-Jamil combined with the fact that both of them are hiding in the folds of Assad’s skirts in Damascus, raises the possibility that they might even be roommates. ( any case, both terror-masters demonstrate the mullah’s approach to mathematics and share the propensity to make outrageous demands from the comfort of their hidey-holes. The bravado would be a little easier to stomach if the terrorist’s demands were made in the light of day.

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